JOB POST (short term): Training for Sign Language News Program in Albania

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Training for Albanian Sign Language News Programme

From: Colin Allen <>
Subject: Training for Albanian Sign Language News Programme

Dear friends,

Albanian National Association is looking for the trainers (Deaf and Hearing) to provide a short term training for the Sign Language News Programme in Albania.

Please note the application closing date is on Friday, 14th January 2008.

Wish you a very joyful year!

Warm regards


ANAD is looking for two trainers to work as a team – one Deaf person and one sign language interpreter. The trainer team is jointly responsible for creating a training plan appropriate for the setting and for training of each specific target group

The Deaf Trainer shall be responsible to work with the team of Deaf News Presenters to prepare the news bulletin presentation from the written language to Albanian Sign Language. The Deaf News Presenter will be responsible to present the news in Albanian Sign Language. Before his/her presentation the Deaf presenter needs to work with the Sign Language Interpreter for better understanding of the given written material by the TV editors.

The Sign Language Interpreter shall be responsible to work with the team of Albanian Sign Language Interpreters to prepare the news bulletin presentation from the spoken language to Albanian Sign Language. The Sign language Interpreter will be responsible to work together with the Deaf presenter on the written news prepared and given by the News editors on Albanian Television.

Assignment Contract

ANAD will prepare a contract with each trainer including compensation of:

Travel Expenses:
ANAD will pay for an economy class travel between the trainer’s home city and the city of Tirana by using the most economic carrier; visa and passport charges; and airport tax will be covered by the project.

ANAD will provide with accommodation during the assignment period. Trainers will share an apartment with electricity, heating and warm water.

Financial Benefits:
The Trainers are responsible for payment of taxes and social security including Trainer’s pension and travel insurance for the trip.

Assignment Fee:
The applicants are asked to send ANAD their propositions for fee calculated for the entire period of six weeks. The fee request need be announced as a total payment as the candidates are responsible for the payments of any taxes, social security or pension payments of their home country. Please note that ANAD is an organization with very limited funding and relies on voluntary assistance. As a result ANAD is incapable of offering payments on the level of the European consultancy fees.

Organizational Name
Albanian National Association of the Deaf (ANAD)

Street Address
Bulevardi “Zhan D’Ark”, Kulla 4, Shkalla 1, Ap. 9,
Tirana, Albania

Postal Address
P.O.Box: 2401/1
Tirane, Albania

Email Addresses

Contact Person(s)
Eduard Ajas, Manager:

Albana Izeti Project Co-ordinator:

Project Consultant, Colin Allen:

The goals of the Albanian National Association of the Deaf (ANAD) are as follows:

  1. To achieve equal opportunities and full participation in Society for people who are Deaf in accordance with the principles and objectives of the United Nations Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other general acts and recommendations of the United Nations Organisation and its specialised agencies.
  2. To become and remain an ordinary member of the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) and to operate in accordance with its principles and objectives.
  3. To ensure that Albanian Government observes all international and national declarations, recommendations on human rights and rights of Deaf people and people with other disabilities.
  4. To promote the creation and development of Provincial Clubs of Deaf people and organisations providing services to Deaf people where such organisations do not already exist in the Republic of Albania.
  5. To promote the unification of Provincial Clubs for Deaf people in the Republic of Albania.
  6. To organise and stimulate the exchange of information and experiences among organisations of and for Deaf people and among professionals specialising in the study of deafness in the Republic of Albania.
  7. To provide advice, assistance and support either directly or indirectly to organisations of and for Deaf people, upon their request whenever appropriate, in the Republic of Albania.
  8. To distribute relevant information about deafness and the current needs of Deaf people through a variety of media and to the government of the Republic of Albania.
  9. To promote the conduct of research and studies in all fields of deafness, including the Albanian Deaf Community, its language and culture.
  10. To promote the establishment, development and maintenance of education programmes and support services which recognise the specific requirements of Deaf children and adults.
  11. To ensure adequate funding of services for Deaf people by governments and/or other relevant institutions and agencies.
  12. To promote the recognition and acceptance of methods of communication preferred by Deaf people in the Republic of Albania.
  13. To encourage the development and availability of appropriate technology for Deaf people in the Republic of Albania.
  14. To provide a forum where Deaf people can come together as equals to learn about and discuss relevant issues and express their ideas and aspirations in the Republic of Albania.
  15. To foster pride in the Deaf Community, its language and culture.


Brief Summary
The Albanian National Association of the Deaf has initiated this project based on the big need of Albanian Deaf Community for access to information.

Lately The Albanian Government and the Albanian Public Television -TVSH have committed to introduce the News Edition in Albanian Sign Language during the peak hour. The signed language news will be a news bulletin of fifteen minutes during the weekdays.

The reading and writing skills of Deaf people in Albania are limited. There are a small number of Albanian Sign Language Interpreters who are currently receiving the training under the organisation’s Interpreter Training Programme.

ANAD secured a limited funding from the Finnish Association of the Deaf and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Finland to implement six week training. ANAD is seeking for two trainers’ one deaf and one hearing that have a good knowledge and experience in the environment of TV news bulletin in signed language.

After the training, ANAD is seeking to appoint preferably three teams consisting of a Deaf person and a sign language interpreter working together. The teams will rotate by presenting the 15-minute daily news bulletin for 5 days in a row.

Suggested Components of the Training:
The suggested training is outlined as follows:
Translation Process of the News Bulletin:
For Hearing Sign Language Interpreters:
The hearing sign language interpreter should work together with the Deaf presenter before the filming of the TV news and he/she will be responsible for translating the news bulletin prepared by the TV editors from the spoken language to the Albanian Sign Language for the Deaf presenter; different techniques of translation; the ways of news bulletin delivery; grammatical adaptations etc.

For Deaf News Presenters: The TV signed news will be signed by Deaf people after doing some practise on the given material. The Deaf people will need some training on how to sign the news bulletin from auto cue to the Albanian Sign Language; different techniques of translation; the ways of news bulletin delivery; grammatical adaptations etc.

The time for presenting a news bulletin is radically limited; the News Sign Language Interpreters should know how to deliver the news bulletin in a well managed manner

Suitable outfit to contrast between clothes and hands, make –up etc.

Present a professional image role of the News Sign Language Interpreter on camera.

Please note: Both Deaf and hearing trainers are responsible to prepare a training component in their respective area.

The trainers will capacitate the News Bulletin Teams including the hearing camera crew on how to shoot the footage in appropriate angles so that the presentation in sign language is visually optimal for Deaf viewers. The capacitating includes technical advice on how to arrange appropriate sign language presentation during inserted news stories etc.

Time frame of the training
At least two weeks prior to the workshop, the Workshop Announcement shall be distributed to the members of the Albanian Deaf Community and the Interpreter Training Programme. The Announcement will seek for interested team members and it describes the selection process that will take place during the workshop. At the end of the workshop, a team of evaluators will review each participant and discuss the best candidates to be invited attend to the Intensive Training for at least two weeks.

The aim of the intensive training is to have at least 5-6 candidates from both Deaf and hearing target groups, i.e. maximum 12 persons to work in the Sign Language News program.

At the end of two weeks intensive training each team i.e. a working pair – a Deaf person and a sign language interpreter would need to prepare 15-minute news bulletin presentation for the evaluator team’s review. Out of the projected six candidate teams the evaluators would then select three teams to be appointed for the program work.
The selected three teams would need to attend a week of further training.

During the final training week, all teams need to have an opportunity to rehearse their presentations at the News Television Studio with the studio crew before the actual broadcasts start.

The proposed training plan:

Week One (28 January – 1 February 2008)

  • Arrival and preparation for the meetings with the Television Station, Project Co-ordinator and ANAD staff members
  • Workshop
  • Evaluation to select 6 Potential Deaf and 6 Potential Hearing people for the Intensive Training.

Week Two and Three (4 – 15 February 2008)

  • Intensive Training for two weeks (hours/days)

Suggested training hours:

Monday – Friday from 16.00 – 20.00

Saturday from 10.00 – 17.00

Week Four (18 – 22 February 2008)

  • Select three teams of Deaf person and Sign Language Interpreter to attend the further training.

Week Five (25 – 29 February 2008)

  • One week training at the Television News Station.

Week Six (3 -7 March 2008)

  • Final evaluation of the teams’ capacities and organizing of further training if necessary
  • Training Project Report

Commencement Date:

Monday, 28th January 2008 – Friday, 7th March 2008 negotiable

ANAD welcomes anyone who wishes to apply for the position of Deaf Trainer and Sign Language Interpreting News Trainer.

Please, do address ANAD a letter with following information: reason(s) for applying, contact details, Curriculum Vitae, tentative training plan/program corresponding to the post you are seeking.

Please send your application package to:

Ms Albana Izeti
Project Co-ordinator
Albanian National Association of the Deaf
P.O.Box: 2401/1
Tirane, Albania

Ms Inkeri Lahtinen
Project Home Coordinator
The Finnish Association of the Deaf, FAD

Mr Colin Allen
Project Consultant
The Finnish Association of the Deaf, FAD


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