FUNDING OPPORTUNITY for Human Rights Projects by Disabled People Organizations (DPOs)

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Disability Rights Fund Releases Second 2009 Request for Proposals, Extending Another Year of Grantmaking to Existing Target Countries and Opening Grantmaking to the Pacific
July 15, 2009

BOSTON, MA – The Disability Rights Fund (DRF)—a groundbreaking grantmaking collaborative supporting the human rights of people with disabilities—today announced the second round of its 2009 grantmaking, “Raising Our Voice.” The application deadline is September 15, 2009. This round opens another year of possible funding to disabled persons’ organizations (DPOs) in: Ecuador, Nicaragua, Peru; Ghana, Namibia, Uganda; and Bangladesh and adds an additional region to the Fund’s reach – the Pacific. In the Pacific, 14 island countries are targeted: Cook Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Republic of the Marshall Islands, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, and Vanuatu.

The broad objective of the Fund[1]—which was officially launched in March 2008—is to empower DPOs in the developing world and Eastern Europe/former Soviet Union to participate in ratification, implementation and monitoring of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CPRD).

In 2008, the Fund made one-year grants to 33 organizations in 7 countries (Ecuador, Nicaragua, Peru; Ghana, Namibia, Uganda; Bangladesh), totaling USD 800,000. Grants ranged from USD 5000 – 50,000 and supported CRPD awareness-raising, strengthening coalitions and networks, and rights advocacy.

In the second round of 2009 grantmaking, applicant organizations may apply within one of two categories: a) single organizations or partnerships and b) national DPO coalitions. Grants to single organizations will range from USD 5,000 to 30,000 and support efforts to build voice and visibility and to develop rights-based advocacy and monitoring on the CRPD. Grants to national DPO coalitions will range from USD 30,000 to 70,000 and will support advocacy toward ratification of the CRPD, passage of specific legislation to accord with the CRPD, or the production of shadow reports.

Interested organizations are urged to review the full eligibility criteria and application details posted at the Fund’s website, Any questions on the proposal process should be directed to by August 15. The deadline for applications is September 15, 2009.
DRF’s donors include the Aepoch Fund, the American Jewish World Service, an anonymous founding donor, the Australian Government’s International Development Assistance Agency – AusAID, the Open Society Institute, The Sigrid Rausing Trust, and the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development.


[1] The Disability Rights Fund is a project of Tides.

Thank you to Diana Samarasan for submitting this announcement to We Can Do.

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43 Responses to “FUNDING OPPORTUNITY for Human Rights Projects by Disabled People Organizations (DPOs)”

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Is Zimbabwe DPOs eligable for Disability Rights Funds?

we are working here in Nepal in the field of blind sports which is cricket. r u eligible to apply for the grant

May I ask if Southern African countries are eligible for the funding,for example LESOTHO`s DPO`s???

we are registered project in kenya seeking some funding but we dont know the procedure.we hhave all the information you.

I HOPE DPOs from other countries not listed on the list ca apply? please,extend this gesture to nigeria as a matter of urgency and in the spirit of equity and justice as our disabled populace exceeds half of the whole african region and doubled that of the pacifics.

Nigeria needs the disability rights funds than most of the countries that are currently benefiting from the fund. The disability bill in Nigeria is currently at the last stage of being passed. In the same vein, there is need to raise awareness on the bill as soon as it is passe. Disability movement in Nigeria is still not strong and there is need for serious support. Please, extend the fund to Nigeria as a matter of urgency.

Hi. I read that you focus on helping poor people with disabilities in developing countries. What about those living in extreme poverty in the US who are severely disabled, such as myself and who have to rely on government funded health care (rely on the government for everything) which, in reality, provides very little help?

i am from tmilnadu.,India. shall i apply for grant. we are registred NGO doingexculisive service for disabled

I work with Disabled Persons organizations in Kenya, are they eligible for Disability Rights Funds?

i would like to to appy for this grant but the details are not available
can i access the details on this request for proposal

Further details are at the official website for the funding organization. The link to the official website is provided in the blog post you read at We Can Do. If you follow that link, you will find more information there. The link is this link was provided in the post you read.

The We Can Do blog where you left your comment is not a funding source. It is a tool for passing along INFORMATION from many different sources. This means that nearly every blog post should always have a link to another website. To learn more detail about the opportunity being announced in the We Can Do post you read, you should always look for the appropriate link. Then follow the link to find more detail.

Andrea Shettle, MSW


I am working with the Educational Assessment and Resource Services in Kenya.I have a CBA organization that assists disabled.Can I applay for Disability Rights Funds?

All questions relating to this funding opportunity should please be directed to the Disability Rights Fund. The We Can Do blog where you found this announcement is not responsible for the Disability Rights Fund. It is merely a conduit for passing along information of interest from a wide range of different sources. More information about the Disability Rights Fund is at their website at

Good luck in your endeavors,

Andrea Shettle We Can Do blog editor

> New comment on your post “FUNDING OPPORTUNITY for Human Rights Projects by > Disabled People Organizations (DPOs)” > Author : Suleman Omutaba (IP: , > E-mail : > URL : > Whois :

any grants out there to help a disabled couple get a cheap home built?

I am a disabled person below knee cut. I am seeking your suggestion, information, advice for my self-reliancy.

I am Andrea Shettle, editor of the We Can Do blog where you recently left a comment. (Your comment is included below.)

Thank you for your interest. However, please understand that there is no association between We Can Do and the many conferences, opportunities, resources, organizations, etc. publicized at the blog. This blog is NOT an organization. We Can Do is merely a conduit for passing along information from a great many sources. It is operated entirely by one person –me. And I do this entirely in my own free time, outside of my many other obligations. I receive zero funding for this activity and have zero funding of my own. Consequently, I am unable to assist directly or respond to individual inquiries. Instead, I encourage you to explore the We Can Do blog on your own at to find the information or resources that interests you.

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2. Try exploring some of the many web sites for disability-oriented organizations around the world in the blog roll, at the very bottom of the page. Perhaps some other website will offer information that We Can Do does not have at this time.

Please note that each We Can Do blog post should have a link to an official web site with further details about the events or resources in which you are interested. (Or if there is no web link, then usually some other contact information should be provided, such as an email address.) To pursue these opportunities, you should therefore please follow the relevant links given in the blog post. The official site will provide more details and information than is possible to give in my abbreviated blog posts, including instructions for the appropriate way in which to contact the organizers directly or to apply for their opportunities. All applications, appeals, queries, etc. should please be directed to the organization sponsoring the event or opportunity that interests you, not to We Can Do.

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Thank you, and good luck with your endeavors,

Andrea Shettle, MSW


Help for people born with Down syndrome
Of Uganda (Dosau)
A Registered Charity No.5914/3089 incorporation No.43827
Down’s syndrome Association of Uganda (Dosau) is fundraising for a child born with Down syndrome in Uganda and is asking you to join hand and support a child born with Down syndrome.
Can you give a hand to a child born with Down syndrome (learning disability) nearby you?, can they also have a future, should we have a hope on them, If so fill in this form and return we from Dosau are willing to work hand in hand with you.
Have agreed to make a regular donation/gifts to Down’s syndrome Association of Uganda (Dosau); our/my donation and gifts for children born with Down syndrome is $……………………………………£…………………………other Countries/currency shs……………………………and Materials…………………………………
Your donation/gift will help a child born with Down syndrome others affected with HIV/AID in Uganda achieve education, health care, nutrition, livelihood and material support.
Pay to DOSAU ACCOUNTS NO. 6001953549 Barclays Bank Uganda Ltd, Kampala
Thank you for helping us to bring a new world of hope and opportunity to a child born with Down syndrome and others affected with HIV/Aids plus orphans in Dosau operation areas. Our Address is :-
Mob:-256 745 970853,712475007, 751414567, 772641544, 772822885,
FAX: 256-41-222562,
web site: Down’s Syndrome Association of Uganda (DOSAU);;

SHARE with us- and also forward this FORM or (email) to a friend,
Please complete this form and return to the Address of Dosau Headquarters

we are diasbiliti headed organization that stands for defending the rights of disabled people and minority people in Somalia, could we apply for your fund in 2010.
Thanks, please give us your feedback

May I ask, are Cambodian DPOs eligible for the Disability Rights Funds as we are in the Asia and the Pacific region?

Dear Sir/Madam;
We request for funding of Dosau activities in Uganda supporting PWDs born with down syndrome learning disability and physical disability.
looking forward working hand in hand with your organization.

Thank you

Sammy Agwaya
Chairman Dosau

our DPO is working in malakand division in
pakistan. r we eligible for disability rights
Khursheed Alam

I am a disabled person below knee cut. I am seeking your suggestion, information, advice for my self-reliancy.I would like to to appy for this grant but the details are not available
can I access the details on this request for proposal



i’m the president of 1 kedah disabled society from malaysia. just started forming this society and we have about 600 disabled citizens in our society. it comes from all races such as malays, chinese, indians n others.recently we had a great function for them in a well known hall in town. we used our own money to conduct and we had also kind hearted people donating food, n things needed by the disable we are handling all the activities and expenses by ourselves, times come when we can’t afford to do it anymore due to financial difficulties.
please help us as we are willing to send all the evidence such as legal certificate of society,other documents,photos, videos of events, and our future activities for our loving disabled members.
is there anyway we could get the fund?
please assist us, thank you.

I have one brother who is disable from Legs so kindly help by fund I am so poor to cover his requirment such as education food and chair for him etc

The Project Director,

Application for Funds

We are a Charity Non Governmental organization here in Africa who takes care of and empower and rehabilitates the Street children, less privileged, the poor and disable, handicap. We will like to apply for funds or help in order for us reach our goal. Please you can check our web site for information www.

The President and the International Coordinator

Global Samaritan Mission

Can we apply for disability project

Can we apply for disability project in Mansehra Pakistan

Guldsta welfare org is regid with govt and
wish to joine with our esteemed org.for this
purpose we will our concept letter and profile
of our org
Dr.Faridullah GWO

Dustha manabotar Seba sangstha (DMSS)is a non-Governmet development organization. We work with Adibashi people’s for their livelihood security. In our working field experience, we have found numbers of physical Disable people in the are, who are living in extreem poverty line. DMSS want to support them. But we have no financial sufficiency. We are requesting to you, if your organization can be support that type of people we will be submitted a PP toyou. Thanks, Apurba Sarkar, DMSS, Joypurhat, Bangladesh.




Dear sir/madam,


In 2005 thousands of people in the country to support the less privileged people that is the widows, orphans and the persons with disability so as they can also live a better life. This is evidenced in the document proposal that has accompanied this letter. It is therefore on this note that we request your organization to support us by making a pledge on our behalf, you are supporting the services our origination is rendering to such people as outlined in our plan in the accompanying document.

We the founders of this organization have a personal stake in this initiative this is because we have had enough experience as far as this concerned and above all we are victim of this. for example Kintu Tadeo is a person with disability since his childhood therefore he is very acquainted with whatever this category of people is going through.

Our goal is to raise dollar($) 1500,000 in the first three years of official operation and at least dollar 5000 is required immediately between December 2010 and January 2011 to facilitate the initial programs like officially registering the organization and acquiring the registered office with all require facilities for the office as indicated in our proposal. To take you back a bit this organization has been in existence it is only that it had not been incorporated due to inadequacy of funds, so we have decided to reach this stage by making it a national issue though collective support. Your donation is tax deductible if you wish, you may mail all or part of your payment amount today in the self-addressed stamped envelope enclosed with this letter.
Otherwise, you can contact the founders to collect your pledge to facilitate the initial activities. Please make your check payable to the (BANK). The deadline to get our pledges is 28th-december-2010. Following the event, we will send out a brief recap of HOPELINE TRUST FUND INTERNATIONAL to all our sponsors.

Thank you in advance for your support. Please call me if you have any questions or comments about the Hipline trust fund international.. We can be reached at phone numbers.

Yours Sincerely,

Kintu Tadeo (initiator)
Mukiibi Godfrey (initiator)

hi i am a disable person i am neither an NGO nor an organization i saw your web site and felt happy that you want to help the handicaps.but the fact is that the organization who are taking funds from you are not actually spending on the disabled person. the are increasing there wealth with your help.
i am from Pakistan here too many organizations are working but only few from those hundreds organizations are originally providing facilities to the DPOs.
i am a needy person i went to many organization for help but in vain.
when i saw your site i thought to try for that i am want direct help from you my both legs were injured in an accident 20 years ago. recently my left leg was again amputed below the knee.
and now once again i am jobless i need help because my family members are not supporting me because i married to a girl of my choice and they did not accept her. and hence from three and a half years we living alone with out any support.
kindly at least reply me i am waiting

Dear Sir/Madam,
Our organization ”Hope Foundation Trust Nepal” is looking for the networking organizations to do the work in partnership for community development but currently we do not have any fund which is being difficult for to implement the project among the target group . If any partner has the similar vision and mission then you are most welcome to join with us .Thank you!

Singh Raj Tamang
HFT Nepal

hi,its sajjad from pakistan.i requested the organizor of this organization for GOD sake plzz read my request & give me positive response. sir i am very happy to saw an organization was working for disable person.sir i m also disable,i have amputed from left leg,due to bone tumer from upper thiee in 2005.on my treatment & got a artificial leg very exppensive,but my parents spent all financial sources on me,from that time we were faces financial problem.when i got an artificial leg,but its not working well due to our hard weather in interior sindh.sir i want to shifted in city but,i have a financial problem, & i can’t working due to amputation,if u want to séé my pictures & videos i send u throw mail.sir we lived at village which have no facilitation of any kind,due to serve life,i related to poor family & labourer faimly. dear sir our village is also effected due to flood in 2010 in pakistan & also my house is fully damaged,i am father of 3 plzzzz kindly issue me some grant…i pray for u whole life.i m waiting for ur positive responce.thanks to allll

Greeting from Bangladesh!
I live in a poor village of my country most of the people of the village are day labors. They have no capacity to help other people of my village. There are 8 disabled children (all documents are remained) and adult live my village out of them 04 is in the same family. They are living in a vulnerable situation. They have no capacity to bear the expenditure of their treatment as well as three meals in a day. I am a NGO worker, so I am exploring the best opportunity and kind hearted man who are interested to provide support for them. If any person or organization stand beside them along with essentials financial supports, which will helpful for us to reduce their vulnerability conditions.

you doing good work for disable people

Thank you for the wonderful work you do.
Please I’m from Uganda,Africa and I would like to enquire if you still offer financial funding to projects of people with disability?
Thank you

Organization: PROTTYON
(Disadvantaged people`s development certifying initiatives)

Project Title:
Survivals and dignifying social platform transform SDPT project for the persons with disabilities


The existing inhuman scenarios in our country highlights that the persons with disabilities have no potentialities, they will not be able to empowering themselves, they have no capacity to contribute in the country and also for themselves.
Recently a study conducted on number of 20 HH persons with disabilities in Khulna City Corporation of Bangladesh by the PROTTYON organizational initiatives through HH interview, problems analysis, van diagram, FGD. It is identified, there are some children they are efficient to involve in education but they are excluded from education.
It is identified that persons with disabilities have different kinds of potentialities but they are excluded from employment opportunities, live skill enhancement scope, friendly mobility scope, they also passing their life in inadequate health facilities, no scope to involve in financial facilities, below market access.
Persons with disabilities are socially excluded group; they are the burden of the family also. Community people are thinking it is natural; it is the result of evil activities of parents and other hand family member blame the female for delivering the child with disabilities.
But persons with Disabilities are not a natural occurrence, different type of incident fall a person in disabilities. Inefficient health service, crime, violence, child marriage, malnutrition, blood connecting marriage, diseases, lack of knowledge and awareness, different kinds of accident, unexpected incident in life, disaster, shocked, acid burn, brain stork can throw a person in disabilities but a person with disabilities have not enough scope to take the curative measures and also preventive.
Disability are destroying the harmony of family and social integrity, it is increasing the social exclusion and poverty. The common circumstances in our community person with disabilities are passing their life in poverty, mal nutrition, limited health care, living with poor hygiene and sanitation, lack of information, education, housing, and shelter and income access. Few persons with disabilities is getting disabilities allowance per month Tk.300 from Government Social Welfare Department of Bangladesh.
Poverty and disability are interred linked. Number of person with disabilities is increasing by the poverty pockets. Female are completely out of income in the family of person with disabilities
Maximum female person in the family are worriedly involve to take care of the person with disabilities. There is no alternative initiatives here for the person with disabilities to relieve the mother`s monotonous and hardly involvement for the person with disabilities. Every mother is anxious about the future of the family and the person with disabilities. Especially all the mother is asking for the persons with disabilities friendly initiatives to transform a social platform where the persons with disabilities will be able to survive with dignity and empowerment.


During the period from 1995 to `97, Action Aid Bangladesh conducted a baseline survey, which indicates disability prevalence rates to be between 13.4 to14.4 percent. 15% of the population in Bangladesh is person with disabilities according to the World Bank estimates. Bangladesh ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) on November 30, 2007 and its Optional Protocol on May 12, 2008.Bangladesh has a Draft Disability Rights Law under review by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Government of Bangladesh. Other relevant legislation and policies include: the Lunacy Act of 1912; Disability Policy of 1995, Disability Welfare Act of 2001, Social Safety Net Program of the Government of Bangladesh since 2003, Program for Education Development Plan – Phase III (PEDP) (started in 2005), National Building Code of 2008, Right to Information Act of 2009, National Education Policy of 2010, National Disaster Action Plan of 2010, Information and Technology Policy of the Government of Bangladesh of 2010, Women Development Advancement Policy of 2011, and the National Child Policy of 2011.
but Most of the persons with disabilities are out of development mainstream. Government are not consciously initiating the activities for the persons with disabilities to enhance their rights. Human rights, Women rights, child rights ensured equal excess to able the basic human needs in it`s decelerations but the common scenario in our country persons with disabilities are begging, dependent, abused in different way, discriminated, neglected and excluded in the society. If this 15% of population can’t access in basic needs, poverty reduction, civil engagement, then their life will be continue as it is. Without considering the empowerment of the person with disabilities Millennium Development Goal achievement shall not be possible.
A person with disabilities level playing field can flourish the potentialities of the person with disabilities make them capable and confident.
PROTTYON has vast experience and skill to work with the persons with disabilities .Few NGOs are working for the person with disabilities scattered but needed the integrated initiatives through different govt. and non govt. engagement.

Establish a platform where the persons with disabilities able to fight against disabilities to survive for getting better tune in life.

Long term objectives:

Empower the persons with disabilities through social integration to achieve their rights.

Immediate objectives:

01. Magnitude the parsons with disabilities
02.Aware the community people to establish a persons with disabilities friendly environment
03.Aware different govt. and non.govt. Agencies to provide their services to the persons with disabilities
04.Establish a community based club to strengthen the voice of the persons with disabilities through social integration.
05.Provide the home service for the persons with totally disable
06. Provide need based treatment for the persons with disabilities to remove from disabilities.
07. Ensure the counseling for the pregnant mother, during pregnancy, delivery, post delivery period to reduce the persons with disabilities by born.
08. Ensure the financial empowerment of the persons with disabilities
09. Advocacy to ensure the rights of the persons with disabilities
10.Flourish the cultural potentialities
11. Ensure the enrolment in Education by the potential person with disabilities through formal and non formal
Expected project outcomes:
01. Person with disabilities databases prepared considering location, nature of disabilities, financial status, problems, potentialities, needs and individual picture.
02. Community is sanitized and person with disabilities friendly environment established.
03. Increased service delivery through different govt. and non. Govt. agencies for the persons with disabilities
04. Community based club are functional to established the rights of the persons with disabilities through social integration.
05. Ensured home service for the persons with totally disable
06. Decreased disabilities symptom through proper treatment by specialized professional.
07. Decreased person with disabilities by born
08.Involed the person with disabilities in income activities
09. Active community and the person with disabilities to establishes the rights of the person with disabilities.
10. Culturally potential person Person with disabilities are forming in cultural events.
11. Potential child with disabilities enrolled in education.

Description of project outputs and specific activities:

Activities Out-put
1.1Conduct Baseline survey 1.1 Baseline report prepared
1.2 Prepare data base of persons with disabilities 1.2 Person with disabilities data base of the project prepared
2.1 Conduct orientation on disabilities with the participation public representatives, teacher,doctor,health volenter,field worker of NGO,community leader, social elite, Retired govt. and non gov. official etc. 2.1 100 participants(public representatives, teacher,doctor,health volenter,field worker of NGO,community leader, social elite, Retired govt. and non gov. official etc.) received orientation
2.2 Conduct workshop 2.2 Number of 6 workshop conducted ( 50 participant per workshop)
2.3Conduct stage show 2.3 Number of 12 stage show conducted
2.4Hang poster, billboard, liflate, sticker, 2.4 1000 copied of BCC(poster, billboard, liflate, sticker, ) materials printed
01.Conduct workshop with the participants of govt. and non.govt. agencies (NGO,Govt. health department, Social welfear department. BRTA, Chamber of Commerce, Local MP,City Moar etc.)
01. Number of 12 workshop conducted with the participants of govt. and non.govt. agencies (NGO,Govt. health department, Social welfear department. BRTA, Chamber of Commerce, Local MP,City Moar etc.)

3.2 Form district Action point
3.3Form net-work/Alliance 3.2 Form district Action point
3.3Form net-work/Alliance
4.1Orientation on community based club with the participation the person with disabilities and non disable potential people
4.2 Community based person with disabilities club inauguration with disabilities and non disable potential people 4.1 Number of 45 participants received Orientation on community based club
4.2 Number of 3 Community club in inaugurated
5.1 Prepare totally disable list
5.2 Provide home service to identified person with disabilities through concern professional 5.1 Totally disable list prepared within the project area
5.2 Home service for the identified totally disable provided
01. Curable person with disabilities identification within the project area
06.2 Establish disabilities rehabilitation centre 6.01. Treatment provided for curable person with disabilities

06.2 Number of 01 rehabilitation center established

7.1 Identify the newly married couple, pregnant mother, early delivery mother
7.2 Orientation on by born disability free family life building
7.3Family counseling to reduce the disabilities by born or in early life
7.4Provide medicine, nutritional package and medical support
7.5 Ensure the EPI activities
7.1 Newly married couple, pregnant mother, early delivery mother Identified

7.2 Number of 150 participants received disability free falily life building Orientation.

7.3 Counseling done for identified couple, pregnant mother,

7.4 medicine, nutritional package and medical support Provide for identified pregnant mother

7.5 EPI activities done for child

8.1 Employment potentialities identification
8.2 Skill and entrepreneurship training
8.3 Ensure IGA initiating support 8.1 Identified employment potential person with disabilities
8.2 Identified employment potential person with disabilities received Skill and entrepreneurship training
8.3 Ensure IGA initiating support for Identified employment potential person with disabilities
9.1 Meeting with District Disabilities Committee to active the committee
9.2 Meeting with concern official to form the disabilities committee at different level like-Upazila, Union,Word. 9.1 Number of 12 meeting conducted with District Disabilities Committee

9.2 Number of 36 Meeting conducted at Word level.
10.1 Conduct grass rut level cultural event to compete at district and national level 10.1 Number of 18 cultural event conduct
11.1 Meeting with teacher, member of management committee, member of PTI, and guardian
11.2 Form a non formal school cum tutorial centre
11.3 Provide Tiffin support
11.4 Provide school dress and educational instruments 11.1 Number of 12 meeting conducted

11.2 Number of 6 non formal school cum tutorial centre established
11.3 Tiffin support provided for enrolled students in the tutorial center
11.4 School dress and educational instruments support provided for enrolled students in the tutorial center
Estimated cost:

Innovation and sustainability

Most of the NGOs are working differently with different type of person with disabilities and most of the activities are conducting in relief mood but relief is not permanent settlement to continue the life of the person with disabilities with dignity. When the family,community ,govt. will play a supportive role then the person with disabilities will able to take the initiatives for empowering themselves. After implementing the community platform model based activities the following achievement will be ensured-
01.Supportive family to develop the person with disabilities
02.Sponsored activities established for the person with disabilities from potential community people
03.Awared community for the person with disabilities
04.Type of disabilities wise need based service providing community initiatives established
05. Person with disabilities life are running with income and live skill
06.Community and the person with disabilities are cooperative to perform their life smoothly
07.word wise community platform , Union and Upazila platform formed to strengthem the voice of the person with disabilities
08.Community are initiating the preventive measures to reduce the disability rate specially newly married couple, pregnant mother, mother with early child.

Social platform model activities will established the aware family,community and couple Awareness,skill,income, will play a positive role where the community, Public representatives,Govt. official will be supportive and the community platform established to run the daily life for the person with disabilities smoothly. Vulnerabilities of the person with disabilities reduced.
Organizational Background including the expertise and experience.
PROTTYON is social development organization ,it mean , the development way certifying initiatives for disadvantaged people specially person with disabilities . PROTTYON is a non profit, non political and non government organization has been running since 1st January 2006 with the lead of Jibon Ratan Kar, founder and executive director in cooperation with some senier citizen of the village- Ruda Ghora of the Union Sovna of Dommuria Upazila under Khulna District at the South-West part of Bangladesh and it is adjacent to mangrove forest of Sundarbon. During the period of 2000 a flash flood from India occurred the hole area of Dommuria and all other adjacent Upazila and river, canal, silted and the salain water logged all over the cultivatable land . People fall in a sever crisis ,land lost it`s productivity ,employment opportunity damaged ,people started to migrate from here .Paddy,Jute and other green cultivation scope finished , people have no ability to take 3 meals in a day . During this period Shrimp culture started in this area with saline water but Shrimp culture has been running with the support of rich people by using the water logged land . The Shrimp farmer create some employment opportunities but wages was very less. Some small farmer started Shrimp culture but cost of different input to cultivate was so high, even the input quality was so below. Input supplier are getting benefit but Shrimp cultivation damaged due to disageses . In this situation Jibon Ratan Kar started communicate with Shrimp farmer to aware them , next he organized the farmer to get virs free PL, qualitative feed and standard price . As a result of this initiatives formed PROTTYON.
During migration from this area due to lost the productivity of agricultural land people were so anxious for taking the daily meal. Some person with speaking disable fall in a worst situation , they can`t involve in physical work because they can`t express their opinion to others. In this situation existing Executive Director Jibon Ratan kar communicate with other people to involve the speaking disable in physical work . The multiplay disable fall in most alarming situation . This situation knocked Jibon Ratan Kar to work with the person with disabilities
PROTTYON accomplishment:
Name of the Activities Achievements Duration Funded by
Food support for the person with disabilities family 200 families 24 month Own fund
Festival feeding support for the person with disabilities 350 families # of 6 festival Own fund
Treatment support for the person with disabilities 100 participants # of 2 time Govt. health department and PROTTYON
Provide physiotherapy 400 participants 7 month CDD,Dhaka,Bangladesh
Distribute the winter dress for the person with disabilities 350 participants 3 times One bank,Shushilan,
Cash support for the person with disabilities through transport income 600 participants 4 years Own fund
Support for pre primary education 120 participants 2 years Jarman Kinter mission work and Bonosaya
Virus free shrimp culture 750 farmer World Fish
Rice seed distribution and cultivation support 5000 farmer IRRI
Rice supply to daily labor 3500 family Own fund
Masrum cultivation 450 participants JICA,Govt.

PROTTYON expertise:
PROTTYON has been running its activities to achieve the vision to transform the society where the disadvantaged people will get a way to survive specially person with disabilities. Eleven years experienced Executive Director, 22 years experienced Program Head, # of 4 agro expert, national level consultant and number of 15 young, energetic ,committed other staff are working with PROTTYON to achieve it`s goal and objectives considering vision and mission.
PROTTYON ensured need based, gender sensitive official environment to run its activities smoothly . The disadvantaged people specially person with disabilities, community people, social elite, public representatives, government official are very much fond of PROTTYON.

1. Name of NGO, Main Contact Office and Head Office with Contact Person


Main Contact Office: House # 130 Road # 20, Mujgunni R/A, Boyra, Khulna.

2. Type and Level of the Organization and its Registration Details:

Type: Non Government, Non Political, Non profitable Voluntary Development Organization.

Level: Local NGO

Registration Details:
Sl. Registration Authority Registration No Date
1 Department of social welfare social welfare 533/93 18-03-1993

Main Contact Person :

Dear Sir,
Greetings from a NGO in Bangladesh called PROTTYON.
PROTTYON is Bangali word , means certification. PROTTYON want to certify the way of development for the person with disabilities. PROTTYON is running with the vision to transform a society where the person with disabilities achieved their rights , a genteel environment blowing all over the society. PROTTYON is working by it`s own fund for the person with disabilities in the South-West region in Bangladesh and asking cooperation from different national and international organization. PROTTYON is trying at best to involve business man, high professional to cooperate the person with disabilities . PROTTYON think rich people has a responsible on the person with disabilities , it is their social responsibilities.
PROTTYON wants to transform a social platform that will play a vital role to empower the person with disabilities to establish the dignity of the person with disabilities.
PROTTYON wants cooperation to transform a survival social platform for the person with disabilities.

With best regards.

Zeebon Ratan Kar
Executive Director

The DSAN ( Down Syndrome Association of Nepal ) is a registered NGO in Nepal
— advocating for rights to health,education and social inclusion
— spreading awareness about DS
— giving counselling services pre-prenancyas well as in pregancy to high risk couples
— giving Early Intervention services to children with DS
could we also get funding for nationwide awareness project or an Early Intervention program Nepal is a poor developing country with difficult geographical terrain with limited resoure
thank you ,hope to get positive response
Dr Lalita Joshi
Senior Obstetrecian/ Gynecologist
President , DSAN

We are an organization for Refugees living with Disability in Rwanda, but we don’t know the procedure to be eligible for Disability Rights Funds.

Thank you, I’ve recently been looking for info approximately this subject for a while
and yours is the greatest I’ve discovered so far. However, what in regards
to the bottom line? Are you certain concerning the supply?

Where's The Comment Form?


    Ending poverty among and oppression toward disabled people in developing countries.


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