FORUM: Civil Society Organizations at World Bank, International Monetary Fund

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Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), including those involved with disability issues, have an opportunity to meet with staff members at the World Bank Group (WBG) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington, DC, USA, April 10-13, 2008. Organizations interested in sending a representative must apply for accreditation by March 23, 2008.

Each year, the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund hold two major joint meetings. The larger of these, called the “Annual Meetings,” is held in the fall. A similar but smaller set of meetings, called the “Spring Meetings,” is held in the spring. The 2008 Spring Meetings is held over the weekend of April 12-13, 2008.

Also each year, representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) may participate in a Program of Policy Dialogues for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). The World Bank and International Monetary Fund civil society teams will also be offering an Orientation Session on the World Bank and IMF for interested CSO representatives attending the 2008 Spring Meetings.

The World Bank Group makes loans to the governments of developing countries to support projects to reduce poverty; improve infrastructure; and bring education, clean water, health services, and electricity to more poor people. The International Monetary Fund, among other things, advises country governments on their economic policies and lends money to governments to help them correct balance of payments problems. Thus, the World Bank is focused on fighting poverty, while the IMF is focused more on broader macroeconomic issues.

For more information about the participation of Civil Society Organizations, go to the page on the 2008 Spring Meeting targeted at representatives of Civil Society Organizations

Be sure to read all the information at the above link carefully before you decide whether it would be suitable to your interests to attend. For example, this is NOT the forum to attend if you are looking for concrete guidance on how to start a new project for disabled people in your country. This will NOT be an opportunity to ask for funding for your organization. You will NOT receive advice on improving or strengthening your organization.

However, if you represent a larger, more stable organization that is able to take a very long view on your future activities, then this forum might be suitable for you. It may help you learn more about the World Bank and the IMF. (If this interests you, then you will be particularly interested in the April 9 Orientation Session. Please note that regisration for the orientation session is handled separately from registration for the Policy Dialogues for Civil Society Organizations in general.)

Attending this event can also give you the chance to participate in many policy dialogue sessions. These sessions will bring together staff from the Bank and Fund; CSO representatives; government officials; and other individuals. People will use these sessions to discuss important issues that will be addressed during the 2008 Spring Meetings. This could be an opportunity to share your thoughts and learn from the perspectives of other participants.

Also, the IMF/WB Civil Society Team staff can help facilitate contacts between your civil society organization and journalists during the forum. You can also leave print materials about your organization at a table in the Press Room for journalists to pick up.

If you are reading this before March 15, 2008 then you may wish to consider submitting a proposal to host your own, two-hour session as part of the Civil Society Policy Forum. (Perhaps a session on disability inclusion in development?) Proposals should be short and should include the title, topic, and expected outcome of the panel. Also indicate who (if anyone) from the World Bank or the IMF you would like to be a part of the session. Send proposals by 5 p.m. EST, March 15, 2008, via email to

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3 Responses to “FORUM: Civil Society Organizations at World Bank, International Monetary Fund”

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An official invitation letter is mandatory for me

Sabina Khadka: You would need to please contact the World Bank/IMF civil society contact points directly with your query, concerns, application for accreditation, etc. We Can Do is not responsible for this event.

There are several links throughout this article (click any highlighted text) that will take you to the relevant web pages that provide further detail and instruction, or you can send your queries to the email indicated in the article.



Dear Sir
From 1972 after independent ,Bangladeshi Nationals started to Established Industries investing family resources ,adopting innovative technology as SELF EARNER & to create job for million of unemployed & to achieve economic freedom when everything were damaged and leftover .
Government also started helping these fast growing PRIVATE SECTOR INDUSTRIES with fund received from International Grant / Loan giving Agencies and stated to distributed through different Bank. From 1980 period..
But unfortunately Owner of Industries becomes victims of deep rooted conspiracy & Anti Propaganda .. The Bank Official refrain themselves from ascertaining production capacity of imported machineries and to provide required working capital loan in time extending total non-cooperation, negligence or even were reluctant to receive back their loan money if any Industrial Owner decided to pay back the loan for non-banking activities These have been done willingly to Jeopardize the Government Decision of Privatizations as well to occupy the mortgaged properties of the Owner of Industries of Bangladesh .
Hundreds & Thousand of Industries in Bangladesh have been destroyed by Bank Officials & Policy Maker who are not aware of First Changing Technology of the World even .
Over and above Capitalizing the Illiteracy, Ignorance and Extreme Poverty of vast majority of commoner, Every things have been forced out over the Owner of Industries of PRIVATE SECTOR .
Due to Such Conspiracy , Negligence’s , Fraudulent Activities including Non – Banking Activities of Bank Official & Policy Maker, Most of these Industries have became in-operative & have lost their Cash Capital, Expatriate Capabilities. And became helpless victims of oppressive laws
In 1992 &1996 the Sick Industries Rehabilitation Cell were formed by GOVERNMENT OF BANGLADESH & have Identified and Registered these Industries as SICK INDUSTRIES declaring not as defaulter but victims of Violation of Contract, Negligence, Fraudulent Activities, Malpractices of Bank Officials including Policy Maker. And lack of Accountability at most of the organization of Bangladesh are no more hidden matter .
The owner of Industries of Bangladesh are deprived of Legal Right due to enactment ARTHA RIN ACT ACT ( Money Landing Act ) on 1989 which were amended several time on 2003 and 2007. The Bankruptcy Act of 1997 treating the OWNERS OF INDUSTRIES as like as SLAVE of COLONIAL PERIOD When the Hands of the Producer and Technician of Muslin Fabrics ( which were only produced in UNDIVIDED BENGAL ) were cut down

But these laws are not applicable in Nationalized Sector where Billions of Dollars are invested, till today and are unaccounted
Total outstanding Defaulted Bank Loan are about 60 to 70 % lying with Government Sector / Nationalized Concern
And less then 10 % Bank loan are lying with Small & Medium Size Industries of Private Sector & Bank Official can explain well about the balance of the remaining out standing Loan.


OWNER OF INDUSTRIES OF PRIVATE SECTOR CAN NOT CLAIM ANY COMPENSATION OR SET OFF on the Suit filed by the Bank Official or Loan Giving Agencies FOR VIOLATION OF CONTRACT, NEGLEGIENCES, MALPRACTICES, including fraudulent activities of Bank officials instead of huge loss and damages although Bangladesh is known as DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY
The present condition OF SICK / DISTRESSED INDUSTRIES are deplorable due to lack of Accountability of Bank Official / Policy Maker & total Indemnity offered to Bank Official / Loan Giving Agencies These have been done to hide out existing high profile Malpractices, Corruption and Fraudulent Activities & Negligence as per opinion of Expert Personals depriving the Owner of Industries from Justice .
Also Common PEOPLE WHO ARE FACING ANOTHER TYPE OF REPRESSIVE LAW UNDER CERTIFICATE CASE for realization of Taxes , Agricultural Loan , including Weaver’s Loan etc.

OWNER OF INDUSTRIES can only file a separate suit for compensation in separate CIVIL COURT CREATING MORE complicacy for life long litigation WITH OF NO RESULT due to restriction to obstruct or resist any order / decree of ARTHA RIN ACT / COURT by any other DECREE OR ORDER OF OTHER COURT or even of by HIGHER COURT. THE RIGHT OF EQUITY OF LAW HAVE COMPLETELY BEEN DENIED TO THE INDUSTRIAL ENTREPRENEUR OF PRIVATE SECTOR IN BANGLADESH

Sections 12, 12 ( khan ) 18 ( 2 ) & (3 ) 19, 20, 21, 34,40, 41, 42, 44, 47 and 50 of ARTHA RIN ACT are contradictory to ARTICLE NO : 8, 15, 26 and 27 of BANGLADESH CONSTITUTION and self contradictory to the policy of Government Industrial Policy adopted time to time..
Now there are no other alternative way but to draw the kind attention of Concerned Authority Including International Community / Organizations seeking help for JUSTICE and Support to save & protect the OWNER OF SICK OR DISTRESSED INDUSTRIES OF Bangladesh under Private Sector, including their properties from such deep rooted conspiracy and oppressive laws as well to protect the interest of large number of workers, staffs of the Private Sector and also for CHANGE of such oppressive laws to restore Accountability of Bank Official / Loan Giving Agencies including Policy Maker to ensure greater Interest of The Nations

( A ) – Humble appeal before the Government of Bangladesh to kindly allow Industrial Entrepreneur to claim Set Off or Compensation on suit filed by the Bank or loan Giving Agencies. or allow to Run Compensation Suit Simultaneously with suits file by Bank Officials under ARTHA RIN ACT with equal opportunity and equal right so as to restore total accountability ,which will be similar to DRT ( Debt Recovery Tribunal of INDIA )

(B)- Considering the Heavy loss and Damages of Government Registered and Identified SICK INDUSTRIES of 1992 & 1996 of Private Sector due to Negligence , Violation of Contract & Non-Banking Activities etc. of Bank Officials and Policy Maker may kindly be allowed 100 % Weaver of all type of Bank loan liabilities to minimize their heavy loss and damages to certain extent under LIMITATION ACT

( C )- The system of keeping mortgage of Land & Properties from the Owner of Industries by Bank or any Loan Giving Agencies as Securities are mostly responsible for Malpractices and ever growing Corruption, & Fraudulent Activities in Banking Sector, which are now proven matter and may kindly be completely abolished as a part of reform programs at earliest possible time to ESTABLISH ACCOUNTABILITY and Check Malpractices, Fraudulent Activities which are now growing by large in Banking Sector or in other Loan Giving Agencies upto root Levels

( D ) – All suits of Artha Rin Court may kindly be transferred to Civil Commercial Court providing Equal right for the end of Justice or preferably be stopped unconditionally


The above mentioned Sections 12, 12 ( khan ) 18 ( 2 ) & (3 ) 19, 20, 21, 34,40, 41, 42, 44, 47 and 50 of ARTHA RIN ACT may kindly be abolished immediately to open & remove existing Negligence , Malpractices & Fraudulent Activities in Banking Sector.

( E ) – And Section 28 ( Ka ) of BANKING COMPANY of 2001 which explain WRITTEN OFF does not mean Weaver were included just to misguide the International Community & Bangladesh National so as to serve the interest of Vested Group and their Agent

( F ) And also take immediate steps to reform or abolished the system of CERTIFICATE CASE Which are nothing but abuse of Law for realizing Government Taxes , Agricultural Loan etc and is one of the worst system of CLONIAL RULE

( G ) – It would be an extreme favors if your good self kindly collect the PRINTED COPIES OF THE ABOVE MENTION LAWS for confirmation of mentioned facts .& to help the Suffering Groups by circulating this appeal among Honorable Member of your Organization and Partner’s Organizations & to Publish in WEBSITES or News Bulletin or News Media, Electronic Media of your territory to bring to the knowledge of Concern Authority including International COMMUNITY OR ORGANIZATIONS working for HUMAN RIGHT & FUNDAMENTAL / Democratic Right of People to prevent legal abuse for immediate help and support to protect the Owner of the Sick Industries / Distressed Industries of Bangladesh and their properties from such OPPRESSIVE LAWS for which they all would be ever grateful as well for change of all types of oppressive laws restoring accountability at all organization of Bangladesh.

********* N.B. the Summery of above mentioned Section of Arthatha Rin Act at a Galance:
(A)- In section 18 ( 2 ) & ( 3 ) Defendant or Owner of Industries will not be able to claim any set – off or to make counter claim against the Bank or Bank Official nor will be allowed to claim any Compensation by submitting any Suit against Bank ( Plaintiff ) analogously or simultaneously in Artha Rin Court due to violation of contract, fraudulence activities including negligence, malpractices of Bank officials.
(B)- Section 21: Settlement Conference between Borrower and Bank is a misnomer of Law of Arbitration or just to divert the attention of common people in the name arbitration or to make everybody fool .
(C) -As Per Section 19 (6) of Artha Rin Act of 2003 no suits can be declared to be dismissed or discharged for default or above mentioned fault of Bank Official. As per Section 20 regarding any order or proceedings of Artha Rin Act can not be raised to Higher Court or to any Other Superior Authority without paying 50 % of claimed or Decretal Amount if the order is totally misleading or against any law or illegal one even .
(D) – As per Section 34 Defendant or the Owner of Industries in Artha Rin Adalat Case can be put to the Jail for compelling or forcing him to pay the Bank Money without considering the fault or negligence’s of Bank Official without allowing him to proof the matter of violation of contract, fraudulence activities , negligence, malpractices of Bank officials. V- As per section 41 and 42 -The Owner of Industries are not allowed to file any appeal or revision to High Court or Superior Court against any order of Artha Rin Court without paying 50 % of the claimed amount or Decretal amount in advance , But the Bank Official are not require to pay any amount in advance in the Higher Court, allowing A Great Disparity of Law and Justice.
(E) – Under section 47 and 50 , The learned Court under Artha Rin Act of 2003 have been bared to make any exemption of principal loan amount for Violation of Contract , Negligence’s Malpractices, including fraudulent activities or any fault of the bank official uni laterally
(F)- Section 12 ( Kha ) Imposed a bar for filling write petition to Higher Court which are direct violation of human right and constitutional right of the citizen and reflects the negative attitude of Policy Maker and the Law Maker .
Suffering Groups of Industrial Entrepreneurs of Bangladesh

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    Ending poverty among and oppression toward disabled people in developing countries.


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