JOP POST: Technical Coordinator in Disability Bangladesh

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The deadline for job applications is October 15, 2007. I received this announcement via Ghulab Nabi Nazamani. However, neither he nor I are associated with Handicap International or with this job opportunity in any way. Individuals interested in this opportunity should read the instructions below carefully and then contact Handicap International directly.


Job context :

Handicap International’s program has grown since 2003 (activities, staff and
funds) with now 9 different projects : Disaster preparedness mainstreaming
disability issue / Promotion of the rights of the disabled persons / Sports
for all / Intellectual disability / Proximity services / Provision of
assistive technology / Partnership with “Abilis Foundation” / CBR project
and currently an emergency project focussing on floods and monsoons. As
Bangladesh has a broad and dynamic civil society, our actions there are
based on strong partnership with local organisations.

Job description :

The Technical Coordinator in Disability position has been created to provide
support at the programme level in all disability issues.

His/her role will be to ensure quality and a maximum of impact regarding
disability aspects of all the projects.

Under country director supervision, and with his/her assistant, his/her
functions will be to:

– Provide strategic guidance and orientation to HI program and
partners on disability

– Provide technical support and quality assurance of the disability
aspects within the projects of HI and its partners

– Build capacity of the staff

– Undertake networking

The position is based in Dhaka, with frequent field trips (around 40% of the
working time) according to the types and locations of projects developed.
Living conditions and social life in Dhaka are good.

Profile sought :

– Qualification in physical rehabilitation (OT, PT )

– Various experience and comprehensive understanding of disability
including CBR/inclusion/Rights

– Experience working in developing countries

– Experience in team management and training

– Strong competencies in capacity building / networking / writing

– Interest in working to improve the life conditions of vulnerable
people and particularly people with disability.

Languages : Fluent English. Knowledge of French is an asset

Status : Volunteer or salaried status based on experience

Volunteer : 850 € + allowance, accommodation, medical coverage and insurance

Salaried : 2100 € to 2400 € monthly gross salary + benefits

Start date : 15/10/2007

Please send cover letter and resume before the 15/10/2007 to : Reference

14, avenue Berthelot
69361 LYON CEDEX 07

Or by e-mail :

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5 Responses to “JOP POST: Technical Coordinator in Disability Bangladesh”

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i am Sarwar Husain.I have completed LL.B(Hon’s).

To Sarwar Husain and others who are interested in applying for this position: We Can Do is not responsible for, or associated with, the opportunities posted at this blog. If you wish to apply for any job post or other opportunity announced at We Can Do then it is necessary to read the announcement itself carefully for instructions and use any web links, email addresses, or other contact information indicated in order to contact the appropriate individuals directly. Thank you for being attentive.

— Andrea Shettle, MSW
We Can Do Editor/Author

hi iam zakaria completed graduation in physiotherapy

i need a job as my qualification is graduate in physiotherapy

From:- M.A Musobbir, B.Com.,FCMA, AMCS

[ A Paralysed / Disabled Person, ( now at -73+, Spinal Cord Injured Protibondee From 2002 AD, having a -T..I..N / Tax-payer’s Identification Number, but No Taxable Incomes for the last 10 years].
Contact phone –
[ Sick-bed-side Mobile]:- (+88) 0171 605 4996 .

Wishing All Success and Requesting to Read on the rest of my message and get in touch with me, at your earliest convenience. Regards

Please think over as to how a Disabled ( Crippled by a hidden Injury to the neck Bones / Spinal Cord), although Non-taxable/ Incomeless Person like me, can fill up the Precribed Form (in 6/7 pages) manually and submit/ File the “Nil”-Returns of Income-Tax , year after year, ( till Death) and deliver it ( the ccmpleted Return Form) to the Bangladeshi Tax Office, located at 5th Floor, about 14 kilometers away from my home.

No One from the Bangladesh Election Commission, so far turned up to make me a Voter and I have No National ID Card, to show in the Annual Tax returns I cannot also mamage a Photograph of mine, to be attacred to the Tax Return Form


Subject – Budget Bhabnaa visa-vis Disability Pangs and the Filing of “Nil”-Income Tax Returns under the (sub)Section- 75(1A) of the Income Tax Ordinance, 1984 of BANGLADESH
(1)The Secretary, Ministry of Social Welfare, GOB
(2) The Joint Secretary
(3)The PS to the Hon;ble Minister

CC to the CEO of the Concerned Organisation in bangladesh
(and For kind attention of the All Other Tax-payng Aging Persons in Bangladesh)

[A Humble Submission By A Paralysed / Disabled Person,( now at -73+, Crippld/ Spinal Cord Injured Protibondee From 2002 AD ) having a -T.I.N/ Tax-payer’s Identification Number, but No Taxable Incomes for the last 10 years]

Subject :- Budget Bhabna visa-vis Disability Pangs and the Filing of ‘Nil’-Income Tax Returns under the (sub)Section-75(1A ) of the Income Tax Ordinance,1984 of BANGLADESH


1.00 As We, all are marching towards a slow Disability ( in both Finanacial Terms and Physically Aging Senses),this Suicidal Tax Law & its Cruel / Social Effects, need further Studies from the view-points of the GOB -Tax Revenues / Collections visa vis Social Welfare of about 2(Two) million or 20 lakhs of “Tax Returns -Khelapheez” / Defaulters, under an unknown Liability and liable to be Penalised / Fined a Minimum Total of [ Tk.1000/- fixed + Tk.50/-x 364 days] appx. Tk.20,000/= for Each Person ,annually; thereby making a Minimum Total of (TK.20,000/- x 2,000,000 persons =) Tk.40,000,000,000/= (Tk.40 Billion or Tk.4,000 Crore) for Each of the Assessment/Financial Years of 2006-07, 2007-08 and 2008-09,

( Grand Total = TK.120 Billion or Tk.12,000 Crore for these Three Years), under the(sub)Sections- 75(1)and75(1A ), read with the (sub)Section- 124(1) of the Income Tax Ordinance(1984)],


2.00 All categories of “Non-Taxable Persons” Or, Kor-Arop-Zoggo Nohay, amon Baykthhi-gon [yet having all FOUR or Anyone of these 4 things viz.,

(1) T.I.N – (Tax-payer’s Identification Number),or
(2) owning a House of 1600+ sft, in the Urban Area, or
(3) Subscribing to a Residential Land/Mobile TelePhone or
(4) owning a Motor Car or Light Vehicle],

are deserved to be Saved from the Penal Clutches of the (sub)Sections-75(1A)(a)(i), 75(1A)(a)(ii), 75(1A)(a)(iii), 75(1A)(g) and the (sub)Section-124(1) of the Income Tax Ordinance(1984)], through making / enacting suitable “Deletions /Omissions ” or “Amenments” or “Proviso-s /Exceptions”.


[Please visit the Websites]
(Ref:- and

***** END* of part*One* ****

But, as THIS IS also A CASE OF “GENERAL / PUBLIC INCOVENIENCE ” or “Jono Durvog ” vs the GOB-Revenue Interests, so, the following FOUR Specific Suggestions

may kindly be considered, for such modifications as deemed proper, for submmission to the GOB, through the RRC- Regulatory Reform Commission / NBR, viz.

(1) the (sub) Section- 75(1A)(a)(iii) -which relates to the Subscribing of a Residential Land /Mobile TelePhone, shall be completely deleted / viz,

” the paragraph -(a)(iii) of sub-section -(1A) of Section-75, shall be omitted.” .

NB -Regretfully, it may be mentioned here that, the item of “Telephone” was not originally passed by the then Nationak Parliament, as the then Finance Minister, Slain / Late Mr.SAMS Kibria had withdrawn that Proposal from the House; but, the GoB-Ministry/ NBR mysteriously managed to publish / include it as a new Section- ’75A’ in the Gazette/ the Finance Act ( of probably, 1997, 1997-98) and [in the name of merger /substitution etc.,] subsequently got it ratified / passed by the next Parliament;

(2) the (sub) Section- 75(1A)(a)(i) – which relates to the ownership of a HOUSE or Flat / building of 1600+ sft, in the Urban Area, shall have to be RELAXED; by inserting a Provso, viz.

“Provided that where the building or House Property is occupied for owner’s residence and the annual Total Income of the person, including the Rental Income of other House Property(s), if any, is below the Taxable Limit, the Return of his Income, under the paragraph -(a)(i) of sub-section – (1A) of Section- 75, shall not fall due for filing.”

(3)the (sub) Section- 75(1A)(a)(ii)- which relates to the ownership of the Motor Car or Light Vehicle, shall have to be RELAXED, by inserting a Provso, viz.,

” Provided that where a person owns a single Motor Car for his private use and his annual Total Income is below the Taxable Limit, the Return of his Income, under the paragraph-(a)(ii) of sub-section -(1A) of Section- 75, shall not fall due for filing.”

(4)the (sub) Section-75(1A)(g ) – which relates to a person having a Tax-payer’s Identification Number or T.I.N, in accordance with the provision of section 184A, shall have to be RELAXED; by inserting a Provso, viz.,

“Provided that where a person who is above the age of 65 or who is Crippled or under a physical disability and whose annual Total Income was below the Taxable Limit for each of the last two Income Years or who was not assessed to a tax for any one of the two years immediately preceding Current Assessment Year, the Return of his Income, under the paragraph -(g) of sub-section -(1A) of Section- 75, shall not fall due for filing.”

***END**of*Patr-2** **===

Thaking you, for sparing your valuable time in reading the subject matter.
With Regards;
Yours truely,
M.A Musobbir, B.Com.,FCMA,AMCS
Contact phone-[Sick-bed-side Mobile]: +88 0171 605 4996.

[ A Paralysed / Disabled Person, ( now at -73+, Spinal Cord Injured Protibondee From 2002 AD, having a -T..I..N / Tax-payer’s Identification Number, but No Taxable Incomes for the last 10 years].

(1) Founder Council-Member (1972-75) and First Honorary Treasurer (1972-75), Council-Member-in-Charge of Examinations (1972-81), Ex.-Honorary Secretary (1981-83) & First Executive Director (CEO)/ NPD, UNDP Project (1992) of the Institute of Cost & Manangement Accountants of Bangladesh, ICMA Bhaban, Nilkhet, Dhaka 1205,

(a Statutory Professional Body under the administrative control of the Ministry of Commerce, GoB );

(2) Formerly, Member-Secretary, Cost & Price Consultative Committee and Ex.Officio Chief Cost Accountant of the now defunct “Price Advisory Board” of the Ministry of Commerce, GOB (1973-78).

(3) Formerly, Exe. Director (Finance) of the Bangladesh Shipping Corporation ( BSC, Chittagong ),- the National FLAG Carrier and a Statutory Corporation under the administrative control of the Ministry of Shipping, GoB, (1987-88).; and

(4) Formerly, Associate Member (AMCS) of the Bangladesh Computer Society, ( BCS – a Professional Body of the Computer Techno-Guru-z and Techno-Rothi-z, .in the I.C.T. Sector of Bangladesh).
——————–THE–END————— ———

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    Ending poverty among and oppression toward disabled people in developing countries.


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